Thursday, July 14, 2011

Visa's and such

We have to have visas to go to Ecuador if we will be there more than 90 days.  In order to get the visas, we have to have several forms from the sponsoring group.  The forms need to be current, so they cannot be sent too early.  They had been promised to arrive shortly after July 1st.  When I had heard nothing by July 11th, I contacted the missionary who is in charge.  The worst case scenerio was having to have the papers drawn up again (at least 3 days) and then having them sent by Fedex (another 2 to 3 days).  That was cutting it real close to when we have to go to the embassy in Washington, DC to get the visas.  I sent out a call to prayer.  By that evening, I had heard from the missionary that the people who were supposed to mail it to me had forgotten and would mail it the next morning.  I was relieved to know that it had not been lost and that it should reach us before we left my mother's place.  The people overnighted it to us and the forms arrived early in the afternoon on July 13th.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!! 
Please pray that all will go well when we go to Washington, DC and that there are no complications with our getting the visas.  That is the last hurdle for us being allowed to travel to and live in Ecuador.  After that, all we have to do is finish the clean out and finish packing.  Please pray that we can accomplish all of this without becoming too exhausted.  We want to arrive in Quito, ready to get to work.

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